Loggins and Messina "Angry Eyes"

If anyone has put anything together on this song it would be greatly appreciated!

Would love to work this up as it’s on my to-do list however, I’ve not been able to find a MIDI source file, free or commercial.

Yeah I searched for one myself before posting, only one I found seemed a bit sketch, but damn what a rocking song!

If it helps heres some karaoke backing track, commercial however. If posting links is problematic or against forum rules let me know and ill edit.


Opened a conversation with you.

If you want the single version without the long jam, I might be able to work something up, if other efforts seem undo-able . The structure is a bit different on the single version, too. What is the outro on the long version becomes a bridge on the single, before the final verse.

Also, there is some version of commercial midi available from Yamaha, but it is only available from their Japan store, and the page does not translate to English. Likely, there are international copyright issues involved.

Ill take any version I can get really!

Structurally it seems to be an easy little switch around w the bridge. So no problem for me.

I’ll work on it this next week. I found a pretty good lead sheet and the sheet music is available.

Phil, thank you! It is greatly appreciated!


Thank you Phil! You rock! Can’t wait to rip over this.

Wow that is just awesome, thanks again been having a great time with this one!

Glad you like it. It was fun to work up the bass line.