Logic So-Cal kit

See kit description.

Hi Phil,

let me see if I understand this So-Cal kit its like a “template” for us then we replace with the samples we want to use? And every time that we build a loop or rhythm you listen and construct on So- Cal and then you change the samples on the Drum Set in BB Manager to match?

You could do that, yes. But really, it’s meant as a way to take a midi track directly from Logic into BB Manager. If you build your track in Logic using the So-Cal kit, you can use that midi track in BB without additional editing.

But yes, it could be a template, since all the Logic kits are going to the same layout. So, if someone wants to use a Logic kit other than the So-Cal kit, you could make samples from that kit and then replace the samples in my kit with that kit, and then rename the kit.

Thanks for helping Phil,

I am feeling a little lost on this journey of creating and tweaking etc!
Do you advise any drum Kit that sounds good for a Singer guitar player of Rock Covers ?
Do you have anything to share that could give a precious help?

I’ve been working on getting a good balance out of the BB. I find that the drums are often just too loud, or too intense. I play mostly blues and classic rock. Rather than tweaking kits, I’ve been tweaking the midi that goes into the BB songs. I select the entire track, and then set a velocity limit at 60. Then, I individually select each lane of cymbal sounds. All of those get set to a velocity limit of 40, except for the closed hat, which I leave at 60. If the open hat is too busy, I move it to a ride bell. That gives me a good balance to perform to, and it keeps the overall balance of the set fairly consistent. I also try to limit the number of kits that I use. I’ve been working with a kit that is based on the So-Cal kit, but I also use bass and some keyboards. I have completed balancing over 200 songs, and I have only used 6 different kits. 4 of those kits use the same bass and drums.



why the drum kit that I’ve built on the crash cymbal sample that I followed your advise using two samples at 60 and 120 velocity and also your so-cal kit on the computer they sound normal but when I use the pedal and change loops the cymbal has some kind of strange phasing sound?

I agree. The drums should help to serve the song and the performer. The trick is learning how to achieve that balance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and serving as a coach for so many here on the forum

Agree whole-heartedly. With help often from you folks after almost 5 years I’ve wound up with about 200 hundred songs using a handful of modified kits and the ability to tinker with them via REAPER. Inexpensive and effective. Thank you.

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