Logic X midi export bug

I got an unexpected surprise when using Logic X to export midis when playing with mapping notes. I had exported some patterns using the same routine and some worked and some didn’t. The kit pieces on some woudn’t play in BBM and spent a lot of time redoing it to be sure I had the right notes and that the kits were defined etc. It turned out that Logic X inserted about 3 mins of dead space, 100+ bars in front of the pattern even though it was only a short clip. So in BBM when hitting play on the pattern it went into play and would stop when the button pressed which I usually did fairly soon as I was expecting an immediate drum hit but the pattern containing all the same notes never made any sound because the notes were about 3mins into the pattern. I found eventually it by opening the loop in Ableton Live’s midi editor. Moral of story good to have more than one editor or a midi checker util to confirm contents of midis.

If you don’t put the each region at beat 1 bar 1 you will hear air.

Thanks Ron, I noticed that it was related to position and started moving the regions ready to export to a new empty track at bar 1.

I think it exports song position of regions as well, hense the empty bars. It caught me out too and i thought it hadn’t work.