Long as I Can See the Light - OPBK

Another song that surfaced when looking back through songs we meant to do and somehow never got to. For lack of good MIDI files or just couldn’t seem to put the work in (although its an easy tune) for the trio.

The MIDI file I found, my enhanced appreciation of what makes a BB backing file work for us and Dr Flood’s kits and this one is pretty good. A few tweaks in REAPER for cymbals, balance, etc to match up with BB and in a key we can use vocally. Easy 1st position guitar sprinkled with some organ fills but room for our lead player (in our version I’ll omit the bass since I play that).

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That is a good one. I’d never tried to play that song (despite owning the album decades ago) until just now. The song has a good opportunity for a toneful solo and I can even sing it in this key. It sounds great on the BB. Thanks for another great song and file. Much appreciated.

Thank you ! After I spend (often too many) hours on a song and it actually turns out good its good to share.

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