Long Loading Time

Has anyone else noticed that a freshly fully formatted SD card seems faster, or is that my imagination?

Imagination !

Are there any known Issues with the BeatBuddy manager not playing the Latin Cha Cha (2-3) song? Mine is not working in BeatBuddy Manager version All of the other songs in the Latin folder/category work, I only seem to have issues with the Cha Cha (2-3) song?

PS: I am running the BeatBuddy manager on my Windows 10 Professional on a 64 bit 464 GB Hard Drive with 322 GB of free space. Either I need to upgrade to the current version of the BeatBuddy manager, or there is an issue with that particular file and it might be corrupted and need to be replaced? Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a simple, reliable fix?


I have no idea if this relates to your problem, but maybe. Is the Cha Cha (2-3) using the same default drumset as the others that are in the Latin category are using that are working? I just moved some folders and files around (didn’t like where I had put things in the beginning) and as a consequence the Cha Cha (2-3) as well as other songs had no sound, although they gave the appearance of playing. If there is an asterisk leading the drumset name (*Latin) I believe it means the drumset it’s calling for can not be accessed/found.

Bingo! Thank you MarkF48, that was the issue. Most of the other default drum songs support other drum kits, but not the Cha Cha (2-3)? My guess is it only supports the Latin drum kit? What tripped me up was thankfully this appears to be the exception & not the rule.