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I have made a set list and synchronized it with the beat buddy. All is well in that regards. The question I have is regarding the individual songs in my set list. Is there away to make the songs (some of them), load faster?

Some of the songs take as long as 40 seconds to load. These are all songs that came with the Beat Buddy. When using the software in my laptop, they load almost immediately.

It is frustrating to have to wait so long before changing songs (especially when people are dancing).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Ron De Luca
Tampa Bay, Florida

Can you please be more specific - when are you experiencing these huge load times? This is totally not normal!
The project sync can be really long, but it only happens like once or twice (when you use BBManager to alter the content of your pedal).

Song load times are really instant. Loading drumsets, however, is not. Still, that takes no more than 10-12 seconds for me.

Thank you for the response. I am glad to know that this is a problem that I should not have and that it is not something that is a characteristic of the Beatbuddy.This loading time problem is happening on an almost regular basis. From time to time, however, a song that I am am having problems with will start but then stop. Part of the track will play (not all) but you’ll see the line (loading) going across the bottom.
These are a few songs that are the most problematic:
Category-Brazillian Song Bossa Samba
Jazz Med. Swing 1 and Med. Swing 2
Latin Cha, Cha 2-3
Country 1 shuffle, Country 6, Country 8
Drum and Bass 1
Ron De Luca

Have you tried a different SD Card?

Details of how to Create an new SD card can be found here.

No, I am using the one that came with it.

Try it with another SD card if possible, also I assume these play fine in the BB manager, you could also try the suggestion from Daefecator below.

-Yes, they do play fine in the BB manager. I will try a new SD card. Is there a maximum size I can use? I ask this as I have a SanDisk Ultra SDHC, 16 GB, still in the package.
-If that doesn’t work I will try suggestion by Daefecator, although my tech. skills and knowledge are very limited.

Max. SD card size that is guaranteed to work with the BeatBuddy is 32Gb, although there are pretty rare cases of 64Gb that could also work.

Thank you.

The new SD card solved all the problems. Thank you, very much!

Excuse me for hi jacking the thread but what type of SD card is best ( What Class/Speed ).
I use SanDisk Class 4 for my JamMan Delay and my ZOOM cam.
What size is the SD card that is delivered with the BB ?


This thread was solved long ago, so…
Hi jack accepted

You can try use pretty much any SD card. Up to 32Gb will work for sure. Some older 64Gb SD cards might work, but this is not guaranteed.
Definitely, class 10 cards are faster, but the speed difference is not as crucial for BeatBuddy purposes.

Sounds good to me !

So what size is the SD card that is delivered with the BB ?

I can get a good prize for a 10 pack SanDisk Secure Digital 8GB (SDHC) (Class 4)

SD card that comes with the BB is 4GB.

Thanks Mike !

I can confirm that SD class definitely HAS impact on drum set loading time.

“Standard” drum set, loads in 16.6 seconds from BB stock SD while it loads in 6.6 seconds from a Sandisk Class 10 SD.
That’s about 10 seconds less for one of the largest (near to the max 100MB allowed) drum sets.
I think it can help in a live situation.

I bought a SanDisk class 10 SD card because I wanted things to load as quick as possible.

However I can not notice any difference in loading time between a class 4 or class 10 card when loading a drumset.

It takes around 2 - 2,6 seconds to load a drumset with the card that came with the BB and just the same with the 8GB SanDisk class 10 I bought yesterday.

That’s rather quick.

Just for the sake of knowledge, can you please specify which drumset are you considering?

I considered “Standard” drumset (which is one of the largest) and I measure time it takes for the blue bar progressing from 0% to 100% when BB is turned on.

Dance and Ethereal are the fastest to load and the rest are all under 3 sec.
From startup to fully loaded Standard drumset it takes 6 sec.

Ok. About same as mine. Thanks.