Looking for 80s sounds

I’m trying to find out ways to get more 80s drum sounds from my BeatBuddy. Are there any packs that can be added (without buying the entire premium library which is out of my budget at present). I see a user has posted a download to the Roland 505 & 707. Would downloading this to my SD add that as ‘drum kits’ or only be of use in editing in midi (not quite sure how that would work).
Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

They are already set up as BB drum kits. I’ve posted several kits of electronic drums, that are essentially ready to go kits, just like the stock BB drum kits can be interchanged. If you want 80’s acoustic drums, the Phil Collins inspired kit is nice. I also have a port of the Alesis SR-16 to Beat Buddy. You can search the web for LBDM4BB for more info.


Many thanks Phil I will check out your suggestions.