Looking for a Beat Buddy Master

Hi there,

Our duo Loose Covers (NZ) has moved from suburbia to a bush block with only limited solar power.

I haven’t got power to discover beats for our songs so am looking for a person to create around 40 beats initially (we have over a 100 songs in our set lists already) .

The songs are all covers from the 60s through to the present day.

I only have the standard drum set collections so the specific beats would need to reference back to them for each song.

Willing to pay a per-song fee.

Look forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Post a list of what you need.

Also check the available songs here on the website, as almost all of them will work with the original standard drum sets (just the bass won’t play)

@Bee1 Hi there! I’ve been creating BB beats from scratch for quite a while, as a (necessary but fun) side job of mine (retired) Apart from the BBsong I provide help with using the BBManager and BBEditor. Write me an email at luislugomusic@gmail.com if interested (or curious :))

This is a comment on a Beatbuddy Facebook Group from Nathaniel Lohn, one of my clients (I’ve got similar feedback from all of them):

“You can purchase and download specific songs from singular sound. However, there are people who will program beats for you and they come out a million times better than what singular sound produces. Luis Lugo does just that! I wish I would have had him making my beats before I wasted money on the premium packs.”