looking for a bull whip accent wave file for Ghost riders ,

heading says it all,
Ken from the Peg

Have you tried googling “bullwhip sound effect” or “bullwhip sound wav”? I’m guessing you’ll find something suitable.

Yes, but all I find is pay sites or sites that you have to accept there deluge of spam,
there are lots of very talented folks on this forum and I hoping someone knows how to do this kind of file

1 is. mp3
the rest .wav


Thanks Tommy,
BB will let me use 6.wav but I get " unscripted wave file must be 16- 24 bit /sample 44.1 kHz " with the rest of them

i found an online wav to midi converter online
but they came out terrible

i was thinking if you knew a keyboard player and it recorded the whip sound from his keyboard as a midi file
that might work
in the search bar— search member called [SIZE=6]The Big E [/SIZE][SIZE=6]he may help you