Looking for a kit with just cymbals, shakers, and tambourine.

I am not a proficient kit-maker. So I am looking for a kit with just cymbals, shakers, and tambourine. Willing to pay for it.

Yes!!! Looking for the same thing :slight_smile:

Count me in!

This is probably a little more than you’re asking for, but it might help you modify/build your own kit


I have tried that – just the tambourine (53, 54 MIDI). Followed the YouTube video but I don’t get any sound if I have just the Tambourines. I wonder if it is Mac vs PC. All I want is basically a tambourine drum kit, that’s all. Could someone just clue me in please?

ok just asking for clarification because I’m looking for the same and may try to attempt putting something like that together. OK So when you say with just cymbals, shakers, and tambourine. Are you looking for a kit you can apply to any beat and it will replace for example the HiHat with a shaker and maybe the Snare with tambourine, and I guess cymbals will still be Cymbals. The rest of the kit (Toms) will be removed so you will not be able to hear the fills. Is this what your asking for ?

I think you’ll have to remap the instrument numbers so the beats play on the right parts of the drum kit. Even the Beat Builder software can easily do this so you don’t need a different kit, just a kit that has shakers cymbals, and tambourine.

This is what I’ve been working with. try it out & let me know.

Thank you so much. This addresses my requirement more than sufficiently. May I ask how you implemented it? Rather than ask around, I would like to learn it myself. Just one example would suffice. I have a Mac so not sure if it has any quirks associated with it. Thanks in advance.

Just check out all your default drum sets in BBmanager and see how they are setup.
I pretty much started by clicking on new drum set and just sort of built up the new kit by copying how the default kits where setup.
Go to a default kit and Browse to where the wav files are saved on your drive if you need them. Its a slow learning process to start but it becomes easier as you go along and develop a procedure. Hope that helps you to get started.