Looking for a similar drum beat: LINK WRAY "Lillian"

Hi Beatbuddies,

i’m looking for a drum beat, that is close to Link Wray’s “Lillian”. There are two versions and i prefer this one from Link Wray: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVze4wJt9zI

I have the “BB Premium 2020 Library” and i have tried different “songs”, but i couldn’t find a suitable song with the accent from the second to the third third quarter note (bass drum?) as played on the original Link Wray recording. Maybe someone has an idea, which “song” from the BB library would come close to the Link Wray recording!? Thanks for help :slight_smile: Georg.

Hi GeorgFritz, I don’t have the BB premium library, but if I look at the standard drumbeats, the closest I can get is the Oldie 5 bum cha ka more, about 71 bpm. Maybe there is some beat on the library close to that, that you can use.

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Hi Renevmind,

many thanks for support, i have just tried it, sounds good! I have also found a drumbeat in the “Beat Ballads” section from the BB premium library which is also suitable…not identical, but ok!