Looking for an All-in-One Amp (Acoustic-Guitar / Beatbuddy / Voice)

Hi. I know there are some posts about a beat buddy amplification, but I do not find them. I think they are hidden in other posts. Maybe it would be good to create a basic threat to this?
I am looking for a very compact solution, for small venues. One amp and just three cables: Guitar, Mic and BB. Most of the acoustic-amps have two channels and the possibility of connecting an aux-signal. But to my opinion it seems aux is too low, you can’t get it loud enough. (I have an old Ibanez Troubadour with this problem. It is the same with a Line 6 Spider).
I tend to buy a Fishman Loudbox Artist or a Boss ACS Live or Pro. What would you think, is it possible to connect the BB via Aux (normal out or headphone) and get a good mix? Or is the input too weak?

You might want to look into using a keyboard amplifier so that your drums sound their best. A small PA system might also work. Here’s one thread that discusses what users are playing thru: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/anyone-regularly-gigging-with-beatbuddy.5215/page-8#post-36289

While there might be several choices, any one of them will probably involve some tradeoff: cost, weight, size or require a mixer to run the BB, instrument and mic. If you have a music store nearby, you could take your guitar and pedal in and try them. I’m partial to the Roland KC550 but it’s 65 pounds and I’m getting old lugging it around :slight_smile:

Frank - My BeatBuddy has plenty of volume on my Fishman Loudbox Artist. Fortunately, that amp has a separate volume control for the aux input. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that I can’t adjust the EQ on the AUX input. In addition, I find the Loudbox Artist 8" speaker a bit small for getting a great thump from the bass drum.

Hi, I am actually selling my Bose Acoustic Singer Live for a reasonable price…

!!! I removed the rest of this post…I sold the amp !!!


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I use a Mackie FreePlay , it’s got :[/SIZE][/FONT]
[][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Lithium Battery for up to 10 hours more or less [/SIZE][/FONT]
][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]XLR/TRS X2[/SIZE][/FONT]
[][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Stereo Aux in / Bluetooth[/SIZE][/FONT]
][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Speaker stand & gig bag[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]https://static.keymusic.com/products/270210/XL/mackie-freeplay-home-4.jpg
I plug the BB into the Aux in , it’s got plenty of punch . [/SIZE]I can go into my FreePlay’s
XLR and or the TRS for vocal and guitar .

It’s got a great FX engine and makes for a lightweight stand alone system for one solo
act with 1 guitar , 1 vocal mic & a BB . The BB sounds stellar through this FRFR P.A.
The FreePlay reproduces the acoustic XLR guitar signal on my Washburn Dread acoustic
electric’s XLR well but not the weak piezo of my nylon stringed guitar .
For my electric guitar and amplified harmonica bullet mic I have a T.C.Helicon
Voice Live 3 X I also can plug into the FreePlay to include other instruments like
[SIZE=4]my Roland GR33 guitar synth module .

The Mackie FreePlay is a FRFR P.A. it’s 150 watts is split in stereo to 75 watts RMS
per channel @ 0.05 THD . It’s got one center channel summing right and left channels
to mono for the 8" driver that kicks serious bass sounds . It splits the other 75 watts into
stereo for two clean super tweeters - It’s got decent stereo imagery IMHO .

This is my off the grid powerhouse lightweight portable system .
https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5a/b8/1a/5ab81a9ceb835026aea15b8942a66540.jpg https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/55e27ef9-b118-47c8-99bb-dc079d473895_1.c0becc106d27979899c7955099edc4c1.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF
This no toy , it’s not a boom box and can also serve as a personal stage monitor
with it’s monitor out to a big P.A. [/SIZE]or a great acoustic guitar amp , - some hate it’s
looks I don’t care about that , I do care about state of the art sound in a P.A, though .
EZ :

This works great! The sub punches!

This is what you need (and I already use):

Three wires:
Guitar, BB and Vocal (and for the break another audio-in)
Forget “stereo”… (It means you can link channel 1 + 2)

@Frank-Ol - the bose sl1 pro is a workhorse…enough for 1 mic, 1 guitar and pad sounds using bluetooth :slight_smile:


or something like this:

Wow, a lot of answers. Thanks for sharing your information.

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Let us know what you get :slight_smile:

EZ :

I’ve been using a JBL Eon One. Works great and with the rolling case, I do not make repeat trips to the vehicle.

How big of a venue can you use this in? Very appealing for my coffeehouse shows.

Drakelife :
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Small coffee house rooms with 30/40 people this does well . It’s quite loud . Coffee houses are
no where as noisy as bar venues . [/SIZE] Presently I augment this with additional tube amp for electric
guitar (tube 60 watt RMS 12"X1 ) and a SS a old timey Polytone 95 watt RMS 3 channel Mini Brute
with two cabs with 10" & 8" drivers for larger coffee houses / small bars . I play my Pbass through
the Polytone when I don’t play it through my MFX .

For the street this unit is very loud depending if your in open spaces or have wall
[SIZE=4]behind you . It pumps out really strong and clean synthesizer bass sounds of my Roland
GR33 guitar synth module , the electric guitar [/SIZE]plays[SIZE=4] out very well through it with the
MFX unit I use . The MFX unit loops and also mixes my synth and Bullet mic / Beat Buddy
drum machine pedal .

The [/SIZE]preamps[SIZE=4] bother some who just want to plug an acoustic with a passive [/SIZE]piezo - some
don’t do well with out a matching Xformer .( $10.00 to $20.00 ) or as I do have an acoustic
piezo with an XLR out or use a MFX unit like I do ,
I’m considering getting a second identical unit too , I like it that much . Time will prove it out ,
I’v only had it a little over a year now .
If the gig needs sound re enforcement I do not provide that stuff anymore - it’s there already or provided by
the club/promoter or I don’t play the venue cause I’m to old to be lifting heavy speaker cabs anymore .

One other cool feature it has in the gig bag - You can also keep it on the Freeplay and se it to shield from the[/SIZE]
elements even when mounted on a pole :slight_smile: .

Nice, this looks like something I’m gonna add to the want list. I need a smaller all in one system. Thanks for the info!

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Glad to have helped .

EZ :

Kustom PA PA50 Personal PA System. I’ve used two of the PA50’s for two years now and am still happy with it. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Kustom-PA/PA50-Personal-PA-System.gc

Yesterday I bought a used LG MAUI 11 Mix in perfect condition for only 200 EUR. It has 3 Channels, just like I wanted. It was not my first choice, because “amps” like these are very high (2 m) and a little shaky. I know about these problems, because I already have a MAUI 11 (without mixer). But now, with two MAUIS (MAUI MIX = Master, other MAUI connected via XLR), I think I have a good and flexible PA-System.

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Congrats , it looks like a muscle machine power wise .

EZ :