Looking for assistance downloading a handful of tunes - I have received error messages when trying to down load

Being new to BeatBuddy, I have had a blast and am still amazed by the massive library of work that has been posted here. I have downloaded about 25 tunes, but have been receiving error message (try back later) when trying to down loan the following:
Mony, Mony
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
Walk Away
Key To The Highway
Move It On Over
I Love Rock & Roll
Rick & Roll Hoochie Koo

Any help, reposting or insight will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Hugh

Mony_Mony_(Idol)-OPB.sng (25.5 KB)
Walk_Away.sng (8.4 KB)
Key_To_The_Highway_A.sng (557.4 KB)
Move_It_On_Over_G.sng (558.7 KB)
I_LOVE_R&R.sng (9.1 KB)
I_Love_Rock_and_Roll.sng (4.4 KB)
I_Love_Rock_n_Roll_with_Bass_V4.sng (3.6 KB)
Rock_&_Roll_Hootchie_Koo_A.sng (564.5 KB)

HLH, would you take a few moments and post the error message links? It will help us start to clean up this mess.

Thanks so very much for forwarding working sng files for my handful of tunes I was trying to download.
Being new to the BBF community, I continue to be amazed by the comradery and wiliness to help each other. I look forward to learning enough about BB to move to the “Give” side of the equation.
Again, Thank you, Hugh

Persist, I will be happy to do that. It will be this evening, I will definitely be on it.

Appreciate your help, HLH!

Hi Persist,

I am attaching screen shoots of the pages resulting in error messages.

I could not find a page for “Move it on over”







If there was more than 1 resource file per tune, I tried them both.

I hope these are helpful.

Best Regards,


Thanks, Hugh but the files don’t seem to be visible. They probably did not upload as attachments.

I don’t doubt your word about the error messages you’re getting as this is a result of the server crashing a couple of years ago.

In order to clean this up, we need the links to where you found the files giving you error messages e.g., when I search for Walk Away, there are no posts with a dead link.

Hi Persist,
Wish to confirm your receipt of the screenshots showing the beatbuddy file that I initially could not load.

Best regards, Hugh

Sorry. Haven’t received them. Although I can see the file names of your screen shots that you uploaded, the contents cannot be downloaded nor are they visible. Don’t worry about it, though.