Looking for beats for the following tunes. Please

I’m Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson
Midnight at The Oasis - Maria Muldaur
Nobody - Sylvia

  • Take on Me - Aha
  • Spirit in the sky - Norman Greenbaum
    Insensitive - Jann Arden
    Whip It - Devo
    Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia - Vicki Lawrence
    Baby Got Back - Sir Mix a Lot
    Don’t it Make my Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle

Hey all.
I’m working on a setlist of One Hit Wonders for a gig in a month. These are the last bunch I just got from the singer. I’ve prepped 39 other tunes and I can’t get these ones done soon enough. Any help from the forum will be appreciated. I’ll post a link to all 50 tunes when I have them all ready to go.

you might try here:
i’m too sexy Free Midi Search

thank you

What is it exactly that you’re looking for? Complete songs, or just a standard beat or one press beats of the songs.

anything really. I’m just not finding the time to get to these last few tunes. I’m just throwing out a line.
Thanks for asking,

At least 2 of your songs have been posted to the forum (the ones preceded by a *).

The forum search function can help you find those 2 and maybe more.

I don’t have any of these songs for the BB, but, I would just like to say, what a fantastic selection of classics !