Looking for beats

I am new to this forum and not sure if this is where I should post this question.
New to Beat Buddy and just learning to play Bass ( a real newbie)
Looking to know if anyone has “Stand by Me” or “Cars Hiss by my Window”
Got my beat buddy and it is definitely a learning curve.
Still trying to figure how to use the foot switch with the Beat Buddy.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hey Blaine,
Welcome! If you’re a new musician starting out, nothing beats playing to a metronome. The BeatBuddy comes with a bunch of metronome beats - I’d go for the 4/4 metronome. I’d recommend a metronome over a regular drum beat because it forces you to lock into the subdivision of time and get a real feel for rhythm - whereas listening to a regular drum beat, you could simply listen to audio cues from the hi-hats for when to make changes. This is super important, especially for a bass player. Once you get a bit better, force yourself to tap your foot along with the beat.

As for full songs, check out here: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/. All of the OBP (One Button Press) beats are full songs. They generally include the bass line as well, but you need to download a Drumkit that includes the bass. So if you play it with a regular drumkit, you’ll just hear the drum part.

Lastly, I have a collection of some very simple beats. You can play most songs with these as your percussion. You can download it here: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/simple-beats.2682/

Here is a good example video demo showing what you can do and how to use the 2nd foot pedal 2 button switch:

Note not all songs found in the resources area will be programmed this way. each song has to have an Intro section, main section, fill section, crash sound section, transition section and outtro section. Many of the BB files created by users are only 1 press (start and stop) and you dont have control over when to add fills or transitions so…your results will vary. Those are the “One Press” or (“OP” ) designated songs) .

Here are a few more for you to watch:

and all the Singular sound videos are here:


Enjoy the BB pedal and keep learning


Suggested settings for the remote foot switch http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/suggested-remote-foot-switch-settings.7813/

Stand By Me is within this folder of Phil (not-Flood) songs http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/my-folder.2505/

Thanks will your assistance…
Will try the simple beats have given…

Much appreciated

Much appreciated…

when I downloaded

when I imported my folder.205 (for stand by me)into beat buddy it has the list of songs but nothing nothing there for music???
Is this download any good???

Once you’ve imported the folder into the BBM, it should appear as in the screen shot. Stand By Me should appear as a one-press bass (OPB) song. If it doesn’t appear or play that way, you might want to try re-downloading the folder and importing again. The song is there and plays. You’ll have to make sure you download and install either the NP Standard Pro Bass kit (based on the premium Standard Pro kit) or if you don’t have the premium kit, download and use the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit instead.

I have the Standard pro kit, so once home will get it a try.

Standard Pro is not NP Standard Pro bass, although it does have the drums from Standard Pro. If all you want is drums, Standard Pro should work. If you want the bass, too, you’ll need to get NP Standard Pro Bass. Conversation started.

Thanks Phil… Where do I get NP standard Pro bass, I do not see it in the premium Library

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Ok, trying to get a screen shot of my account

Just remember to post that screen shot in reply to the PM—not this thread.

SOrry thought I did…

Hi Phil,

Attached is my invoice for the Standard Pro kit. What is the cost for the NP Standard Pro Bass?


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