Looking for Country Groove called Roomy Cross

I’ve been using a practice program (Drum Beats+) for years that has a country beat they call Roomy Cross. Is there something close in the All Inclusive BeatBuddy Collection? I use this groove a lot.

Thats hard to say, I for instance, do not know what Roomy Cross is or what it sounds like. Do you have an example we can listen to.

I hope this works.

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no, does not work, looking at the time there is no music

I was able to play this last night, but not now. Please post it again as a .zip of the wav/mp3. It sounded like something I could easily replicate, but it’s not working now.

It still plays within the post.

Weird. It didn’t work on my Mac, but it works on the iphone. :flushed:

Here is the wave file in .zip format.

Country1_RoomyCross_44_130_2448.wav.zip (974.5 KB)

Thanks. That’ll help. I’ll try to get it done tomorrow.

Thank you. It is simple beat but I find it very useful for an uncluttered country groove.

It is similar to the blues 1 beat

Roomy Cross.zip (1.9 KB)

This is my quick take on something close. There is a BB sng file, and my “source” midi files. I still couldn’t get the original to play on the Mac in any form, so I had to rely on the iphone. I thought closed hats worked best for the 1/8th notes, but when I put it into a kit, the timbre was not what I wanted. I changed it to stix, and it’s closer. The Standard kit did not have the exact sound, but I think the beat is there, for practice purposes. The midi files are included in case you want to try to edit further. Flood’s Roomy Cross is the file with hats, Roomy Cross Stix, is, you guessed it, the one with sticks.