Looking For Dixie Chicken & Up On Cripple Creek

Looking for Little Feat - Dixie Chicken
Up On Cripple Creek - The Band

Thanks in advance

No bass- just drums

Thank you so much!

Couple here you can try.One press bass version and a multi press drum version.I don’t play the song(i had never heard it till today)so haven’t tried it on the pedal but sounds ok in manager.Let’s know if it works for you.

The second one works great! Thanks guys!

On ‘Cripple Creek’ we’ve been happy using Pop 10 at 127 bpm. Lose the intro and let BB play a couple of bars for the guitar lead to come in. The fills are great - add lots of energy to the performance. Here’s a recent recording - get to use the stereo volume pedal at the end too. http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/player.cfm?type=single&songid=13084919&q=hi&newref=1

Hello, the download links on this post are getting errors. Have they expired? Is anyone else having issues downloading. Thank you