Looking for “DON’T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS - ON THE HUNT - THAT SMELL" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Looking for “DON’T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS - ON THE HUNT - THAT SMELL" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I could only find a useable MIDI source file for That Smell and its at http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/that-smell-opbk.3338/

Your original post asked for OPB format—sorry—I didn’t catch that until after I was done. I did include an export of the MIDI source file with the drums, bass and keys so you can roll your own version (OPB or DOP).

FWIW, here’s the source files I elected not to transcribe for the other two songs:
LS.zip (7.8 KB)

BTW, this forum is not yet allowing the posting of files with .mid extension.

Thank you. “That Smell” was great…LOL… How about “YOU GOT THAT RIGHT”? If you do have it just send me the midi file and I will arrange it. Thanks again. P.S. If you will …send me any Lynyrd Skynyrd midi files or direct me to the files…Thanks.

I made-up a version of 'ON THE HUNT" OPB by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was wondering if you could check it out and maybe spice up the drums a little or change it any way you think it could be better. Thanks

                            ON THE HUNT

INTRO; B – A – E – B – A / 4xs
I said baby mama, I don’t know your name
But I said baby, sugar I can play your game
Every night when we leave the hall I see you hanging around
You want to ride in my big black car baby want to go uptown

I know who you are baby I know what they call you girl
Never put you down baby I’m just like you baby I’m on the hunt

RIFF / 2xs

I know lady
People gonna talk about you and me let me say one thing mama sugar I do as I please
And if you want to love me baby, I’m your man
And all those high-falutin society people
I don’t care if they don’t understand


RIFF / 2xs

SOLO; B A E G A / 4xs

         B – E – D – A          E – B – D – A

RIFF / 2xs

My daddy told me a long time ago There’s two things son a there’s two things you should know
And in these two things baby you must take pride
That’s a horse yea and woman yeah both of them you ride


OUTRO; E – B – D – A / 6xs End on B chordON_THE_HUNT_OPB.sng (16.9 KB)

Did you get my message about ON THE HUNT?

Sorry, Mike. I didn’t see it as a PM. I saw it displayed in what looked like the General forum and thus didn’t think it was addressed to me.

I’ll take a look at it this weekend but can’t make any guarantees about spicing it up.

OK Thanks.

Did you get a chance to look at ON THE HUNT?

I was able to tweak the drums just a tad and have added them to what you’ve done. Lowered the bass one octave and switched kits—otherwise, didn’t do much with the bass. Spent some time trying to find a bass tab or sheet music so I could work from that but no joy.
On_the_Hunt_v2b.sng (24.1 KB)

You’ll probably want to tweak it some more.