Looking for drum set instrument of stick on drum rim?

Does anyone have a drumset (or samples) with instruments of a drumstick played on the rim of the snare drum and the rim of a floor tom?
It’s a clacking sound often played instead of the hi-hat—just the metallic rim sound without a direct drum hit but will have some drum overtones.

I’ll try to remember to search my archive later today. I should have something. Were you wanting the sound of the tips of sticks playing on the rim, or the sound of a stick laid on top of the head and then striking the rim with the back of the stick?

A couple of these are loops that you’ll have to chop up to use.

Rimshots.zip (4.0 MB)

Hope this helps.


This is what I’m looking for. I’m not even sure what it’s called. It’s not a rim shot or a side stick/cross stick. But in marching drumming I believe it is called a rim shot :confused:
@GoranGrooves Do you have samples of a stick played like this on tom and snare in any of your packs?

Thanks Phil, I think one or two might be useful.

Morning research indicates that this sound is called a “rim click.”

Hmmm not sure I have them in any bb drumsets, but I have some samples. I’ll try to send them to you later today.

Thanks, lucky guess for my video title then :wink:

Thanks Goran, I’d really appreciate that.