Looking for few Songs

Hi every one.
I am new to Beatbuddy. I am trying to locate few songs… (Drums+Drums&Bass)… I Found few of them. like, Lonely boy, La Grange, Dock of the Bay,…
Is there any one who could help?


Here is the list…

1- nirvana - man who sold the world
2- red hot chile papers - otherside
3- rolling stones - paint it black
4- rolling stones - love is strong
5- talking heads - sugar on my tongue
6- gossip - heavy crosss

7- Don’t Matter- Kings of Leaon
8- Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
9- Do I have your attention - The Blood Arms
10- Strange kind of a women - Deep Purple
11- Sittin’On The Dock of the Bay - Louis Bertignac version

12- la grange - zz top
13- sugar on my tongue- talking heads
14- otherside - red hot chile papers
15- the joker - the millener band
16 - Heavy Cross - Gossip
17- Psycho - Muse
18- Kopekler - Duman
19- man who sold the world nirvana
20- paint it black rolling Stones


I’m looking for heavy cross from Gossip too.
Did you get it ?

Best regards

I’ll see what I can do but it will be as a DOP and OPB and sometime next week.

UPDATE 7/23/2020: I will post Heavy Cross on 7/24/2020.