Looking for Low Floor Tom # 41 and Low -Mid Tom # 47 Wave files.

Looking for Low Floor Tom # 41 and Low-Mid Tom # 47 Wave files.

To match what kind of kit?

What I do sometimes, is if I have a kit that is missing some toms but has the others, I see where the pitch would fit in. Then, let’s say you have the lowest floor tom, but need one a bit higher. Put the wav you have into your DAW, and apply a +2 semi-tone pitch shift. Save that wav, and there you go, you have your new tom. It works the same way going lower. I have used this process to build a full set of pitched toms similar to something Carl Palmer might have.


Let me see what I can do. It might be tomorrow before I get a chance to process it.

Unzip - contains 12 files, 6 per drum. Title format is midi # - Abbreviated name - velocity level - a or b.


Total size is 7.5mb. This should barely fit in the kit. If not cut a sample from somewhere else.

Thanks Phil…Just what I needed.