Looking for mid east drums (need help for some key words)

Hi! For some folk songs I would like to have drums like this


I look for the midis, not a drum-set.
What do I have to search for? I tried mid-east, balkan, kletzmer…, but I dont’t find these.
May be the new Premium-Set 3-3-2 will do this? The sample sounds that way. Are there any songs in the resources? Thanks.

A) you don’t want midis, because midis have no sounds affiliated with them.
B) what you want are WAV file samples of the drums you want. You will have to Google something like [Name of instrument] one-shot.
C) If you are able to find wav you like, you can add them to an existing drum kit or create your own drum kit.
D) I have samples of a couple ethnic instruments in my “Coffee House Percussion” kit.

For me the hardest thing to do is programming the patterns.

Hello… did you finally find any middle east midis? I m looking for such stuff too…:frowning:

No, not for free. What I was looking for you my find in ressources -> song area “Balkan Beat”. There I uploaded a little example. I found some good patterns for me in groovemonkee “world” (Dancehall or Highlife).

I found a greek music midi site. A couple are pretty good.


And this may be one of the best: