looking for midi for James Gang-Walk Away

Can’t believe it’s not on here somewhere. Thanks in advance.

Good tune there. I’ll nose around and see what I can find.

I found a source file. Will transcribe and post it later today. Tough one to find.

I was going to say the same thing. Only one i found was at midi hits. Be looking to see what you do with it.

Should’a known it was too good to be true. It was a partial file meant as a demo (and pretty bad at that) :eek:

HA! I found that one too. Hey you never know. I thought it was pretty bad sounding for having to buy it.

I may have to bake it from scratch.

I’ve noticed the more wild the drummer in a song is, the less likely its going to be duplicated and imported into a device such as BB. There are limits to a drum device & MIDI files replicating a real drummer and sounding acceptable. but I have to add, thats not to say this song isn’t doable. its just going to be a very time consuming process.