Looking for three CC's messages. BB into Aeros

Just setting up some midi commands. I’m looking for two command numbers/actions

  1. I have it set go into drumset folder and scroll both the drumsets as well as the sub drumsets (rock 1, rock 2 etc), but how do I select? Or at the very least, duplicate the action of the left arrow key on bb? As it is now, I highlight the sub drums I want, but have to wait 5 seconds for it to go back to home screen and load drums.

  2. I have two commands set up for double time and half time, but how do I get back to straight time (unaltered)? I can go from 100 bpm to 200 bpm(double) to 50 bpm (half). But I’d like to go back to 100 bpm(original). Can I duplicate the CC, but at a different value to essentially “undo” or toggle?

  3. Is there a way to raise and lower volume incrementally via button tap?
    I figured out how to change volume to set values, ie ”press =70%" “long press =90%” etc, but how about just simply tapping midi FS to raise bb’s volume by 5% each tap?