Looking for Uriah Heep songs if anybody has some?

Look at yourself album
Demons and Wizards album
Live Rock and Roll Medley
Thank you

Instead of such a broad request, you might have better luck if you choose maybe one song from each album and see what happens.

I have 3 Uriah Heep songs - Look at Yourself, The Wizard and July Morning. I can extract the drum tracks and post them here. Give me a bit…

OK, here’s “The Wizard” - complete drums in .mid format. Didn’t break it up because I wasn’t sure if you wanted it in more than The Wizard-Drums.zip (1010 Bytes) 1 part.
I zipped it so it could be uploaded.

My 3 favourite Heep songs - thanks doodaman

This is the second one that I have - didn’t break this one up either. Look at Yourself
Look at Yourself - Uriah Heep - Drums Only.zip (1.8 KB)