Looking for Zepplin's Communication Breakdown as .sng file

Another song that needs to be driven to be worth playing…and it sure is fun. Any suggestions welcome.

Update; Have since come across this link which seems credible…http://zeppelinmidi.com/

Done. http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/communication-breakdown-opb.1252/

Thanks as always. Whether its general wisdom and advice, bailing me out of computer-related issues or useful files. You are quite the asset sir!

You’re too kind. Thank you.

One more question (for now) what (and where) is the drum resource “Final Lead Synth NP bass”? I see one for “with drums”. What does the acronym NP mean? And BTW I did move up to Sierra on my 2011 vintage MacAir and its seems an improvement in general.

NP stands for non-percussion and it’s what makes the bass instrument notes sound. Ice.

The kit is the same as Final Synth Lead available in Resources/Drum kits.