Looking like fun but

Unboxed after a day of watching kids and tutorials and it was easy.

Here is the $1M question… I am much more interested in the “on the fly” technique of using beat set ups like “Country 1 - Shuffle” to play a song like “Some Kind Of Wonderful” than having a pre-recorded drum track for a song.
I am a crazy nut when I play live - having fun the whole time talking with friends and fans and dragging the songs out as long as I want. It makes my bass player nuts but it usually gets a laugh so it’s worth it. If I can decide where the fills go, where the accents are and when to end I am all good!
NOTHING is worse than your backing track heading into the chorus when you are half way through the verse!


Are all these downloads (that are masterfully created, I might add) acting as backing tracks only? And if so - where do I make/get ‘song parts’ to be entered, filled and played at will like this thing is designed to do??? I don’t want songs, I want the components of the songs that I can work on the fly.

PS: 3 hours after unboxing and my world is already upside down! I LOVE THIS THING!


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Can you be a bit clearer? Can’t wrap my thick head around it…

So, 2 things. 1 - Groove Monkee has several collections of beats. Some are ready to go for BB. Look for the ones that mention Beat Buddy, or that say they include a pbf File (not pdf). 2) I ported the Alesis SR-16 to BB, and made all of its grooves into BB songs, as well as adding a few extras. Search for LBDM 4BB. (That’s little black drum machine for Beat Buddy.) It also includes 50 more drum kits for you BB pleasure.

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And, as far as making those “masterful” backing tracks, most of us start with existing midi files, although some of us do work songs up from scratch, and, yes, we are masters.

…and mistresses. Mustn’t be sexist!

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I found the ‘Song Matching Tool’ - this is an example of what I want to do.
for example -
Mellencamp’s Hurts So good could be created as a 4 minute song file OR you could use the “Pop8- 8ths” beat from the Default library. I prefer using the library file so I can manage the song live without having to manage the exact arrangement of the song.

PS: I found the ‘create beats’ section and am already going to town on building beats, intro, fills and outs of our songs.

Okay, I THINK I get it: How do you take a standard song file (Pop8) and turn it into its own song so you can change tempos, fills, whatever. Is that right? Without deleting the original standard song.

This may help.


Outstanding! Thank you.

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What I often do is find a beat that works with a verse/chorus. Then I export it as a song and start a new folder. I import the song, change the title and customize it. That seems to be what you are talking about. Phil Flood’s file describes it pretty well but if you need more help, let me know.

So I was right? That’s what you needed to know!

Woo-hoo! I got it right!

Yay me!

(And yay you for joining the Beat Buddy family!)

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Hi Phil,

I read to stuff you worth one LBDM 4BB.

I think I’m ready to create or try to create a song.

This LBDM seems to be what I’m looking for.

How can I get one of these?
Sorry for my english…

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I think this is the video you want to watch closely and follow to better understand it:

And these 2 as well:


If you have 3.5 hrs to watch a live stream w/ chat questions to see it done from scratch from start to finish to create an entire song: