Looks like it is working but no Sound

I did something to my Beatbuddy mini. IT was plugged in to my amp and working fine. I unplugged my wireless system and plugged it into its charger It is a Pod line 6 relay. it made a pop noise and my Beatbuddy stopped making sound. The lights are working and I can change the Genre, temp and song. But I have no sound.

Disconnect the Mini power as well as all cables.
Make sure you’re using the PSU that came with your Mini.
Try a different output patch cable between your pedal and sound source (or just headphones).
Plug power to your pedal and try again.
If that’s still not working, check your pedal for a burned small.

Mr.V… Did the ‘pop noise’ come from the amplifier and if so is the amplifier still working?
I’m assuming the wireless system you were charging was the transmitter module that would plug into the guitar(?)

The amp still works. I’ve tried different cables different sound system. It is just dead, took it apart nothing loos damaged.

Headphones? If that’s not working, probably time to have it repaired (expensive unless you have an electronics repair/hobbyist/friend).

If under warranty (doubtful if it’s the first generation Mini), you can try the vendor.

Otherwise contact Support for advice.

Good luck and let us know what it takes to get it working again or if you replaced it.