Loop advice?!

Hey guys!

Im at work and havn’t had time to trawl the forums or anything so I could be treading old ground here so apologies but here goes.

I bought a Ditto the other to try out loop pedals in their simplest form, great idea…now I’m addicted.

I can’t play with the Beat Buddy though because of obvious quantising issues, ie. The looper has none. My budget is small but I need to know what is the best value looper with some sort of quantise/midi sync to play with the Beat Buddy if anyone has experience

There are a lot of loopers recommended like the Boomerang III and some others with midi to sync with the Beat Buddy. A little advice maybe. I use a looper with my Beat Buddy and I don’t worry about syncronizing the pedals together because I record the 1st loop with the Beat Buddy and Rhythm Guitar or Bass for the 1st loop. I don’t have to worry about drums after that. It works just as good live because people like to hear and see you build your loop as you go along and pull it all together in a tremendous sound when you finally get there. It’s a lot of fun to see what you come up with. If you use the drums all the way through from the Beat Buddy, then you have to have both machines that will syncronize together. Be prepared to spend some “Bucks” until you find the right unit to satisfy yourself. Take your Beat Buddy to a music store and plug into some looper pedals that will supposedly sync with the Beat Buddy. Most of the music stores will let you do this if you are shopping for a looper. It’s your money so satisfy yourself first and find the right pedal. It might take some time but it’s worth it. The Beat Buddy is an awesome pedal so try and find something that will sync with it properly. Just have patience to find the right one. Search this forum for some good info on loopers.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks for the reply man, the Boomerang III seems a little expensive from what I can see. There is no music store in the country that will stock anything I need, my local shop has only a second hand RC20xl and its no use :confused:

Hoping to get a few more suggestions from dudes on here, its be a few days before I can get researching online and if people had suggestions here it can narrow my search when I finally get off work :smiley:

infinity looper. i haven’t been looping for very long, still green as they say, and im not that bad. I like the fact that infinity and beat buddy are somewhat as companies, working together now. Updates and what have you. and i have yet to tap into all the cool stuff the looper does. I custom made this board to fit the pedals that for me , are a must have :slight_smile:

Looks good! The only thing I see missing is an equalizer pedal. You should have at least one. You can hide it once you have your frequencies dialed in. I have mine underneath the edge of my pedalboard which has a hollow cavity underneath. I made mine from plywood with felt covering. It’s always on anyway. It helps get a better level quality to the whole sound. You might think about it. The only other thing that might be a drawback would be the noisy switches on the Beat Buddy remote pedal. You might install normally open or normally closed switches that are much quieter. I have a couple of Boss FS-5U pedals on my pedalboard that are really quiet but they take up a little more room. I already had them mounted when I bought my Beat Buddy pedal. Your pedalboard has to be functional for you. Everyone has their own ideas and layout as to what they need. Yours looks great and is built for your needs. That’s all that counts. Just make sure you have a good “Power Supply” for everything.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Boomerang or Infinity will work great.
Voice Live 3 if you want guitar and vocal fx.