Loop audio cut out when MIDI plugged in

Ok, I have a new bug today. I opened a song I recorded yesterday and now the audio seems to be cutting out in the last 25% of the part. For example, the first song part is 4 bars long and the sound cuts out in the last bar. The next song part is 12 bars and the sound cuts out in the 9th bar. The waveform remains visible in the display.

Here’s the weird thing… if I unplug the MIDI cable coming from the BeatBuddy the song parts all play through fully. If I plug the midi cable back in the audio starts cutting out again.

I don’t know what the deal is here, yesterday I was able to reload the song without this issue after restarting the unit.

EDIT: I figured out what the problem was. I didn’t turn on the PA speaker the BeatBuddy was connected to because I just wanted to hear what I recorded. This is why I didn’t even notice the tempo was mismatched between the BeatBuddy and the saved song on the Aeros. The tempo on my BeatBuddy was 72% of what it was on the Aeros so the Aeros behaved by cutting off playback when it reached the end of the part ahead of the BeatBuddy. If I had just had the volume up it would have been obvious.

Hey there, yes this is a known issue, this is because the waveform is being calculated along with the BeatBuddy’s tempo since the MIDI sync is active.

I see you just edited and figured out yourself. Yes, be careful recording to quantized songs while BeatBuddy is connected and not in use, if Tempos mismatch this can happen.

Yeah, I would call this one user error more than anything, unless someone wanted to deliberately do something oddball with a loop over an unmatched tempo.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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Can the Aeros display a warning when the tempo or time signature is mismatched?

We will add that to the dev list!