Loop Playback Problem

Hello! I’m running into a problem with loop playbacks. It happens maybe 50-70% of the time I record. It didn’t used to happen at all, and nothing I can think of has changed about my setup. Basically, there’s a major gap between the end and the beginning of the loop when it’s closed and enters its first playback. This gap then disappears from the second playback onward. Here’s a video that shows what’s going on and provides some additional details: Dropbox

(Please excuse my sloppy playing and stripey socks…)

I’ve got the Beat Buddy as the master of the Loop Studio. Firmware is 5.1.1.[ETA: MIDI signal is Beat Buddy → Loop Studio → the rest of the board, so there’s nothing that should be interfering on that front.) I’m not sure what other info would be useful, but please let me know!

Check on the BB settings >Main pedal >Midi settings> midi out>Sync (check of this is to “Always sync”) If this is on “while playing” This can causing this issue

Check of the time signature of BB and Aeros is the same if this is not resolved

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Hey hey! It was, indeed, set to “while playing,” and switching it back to “always sync” seems to have done the trick! (I say switching it back because I never consciously changed it from that, but I must have done so by accident while fiddling around with things at some point. But even if I’d noticed it, I wouldn’t have thought this could be the culprit.) Anyway, thanks a million!