Loop recording ends automatically after approx. 2:30 minutes. At 60 BPM = approx. 37 bars

Software version 2.13.2
I want to import / record a song that is longer than 2:30 minutes.
The system also stops recording a loop after 2:40 minutes.
The question is: Why was there a limitation of the loop time to 2:30 minutes? Is this a system error or is 2 min 30 seconds a kind of prescribed limit?

I brought up the same issue and they responded by saying that expanding that limitation is based on integrating the sd card function which is in the development pipeline.
I’m frustrated with this limitation too!

2:30, it’s really short.


I’ve brought this up as well. One of the first things I tested. Recently this came up on another forum and the rep from Singular Sound there said 5 min, which left me with some doubt since my tests were 2:30 min as well. Thanks for further confirmation.

The system shouldn’t limit you at all, IMHO. It should fill up memory on the card until there is no memory left, even if you pile it all on 1 song with 6 tracks. If you want to record a 10 minute loop, then you are also someone who is aware of the pitfall of running out of memory. All the system should do, IMHO, is flash a warning when space on the card is critically low. Managing free disk space and using it appropriately is a user’s responsibility. Don’t try to protect them, just give them info.

I own another looper that does precisely this. It can make a 6 hour song with 4 tracks if I want it to.

Someone at singularsound can tell us something about the memories capabilities and management of the SD card?

Hi, so there’s no sd card functionality at all at this moment.
Si that why I see no files when I plug it in my Imac .
But how can we backup the songs recorded on the device ?
When I plug in the Aeros in my computer it only shows the empty 32gig sd card !
I already lost some nice songs I created with the previous updates .