Loop songs deasappered, corrupted files with clics and audio deformations

When I upload some songs again after Aeros was off, some songs become empty, no files, other have corrupted loops with clics or audio deformations…
It’s random…

I had the same problem (song disappeared. )with a previous update think it was 2.11
after it said saving to sd card .
Now it ‘s no longer saving to sd but only the internal memory’ .
Also noticed cracks after saving that where not there before saving .
It’s a great device but as we are early adapters we have to live with and be patient.
I’m sure they will fix it .
For this moment I safe the loops via audio out on my Ipad audioshare)to be sure not to loose them .

I hope they will fix it, and other stuff too, but quickly please :wink:

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