Loop Studio opening option

I think it’d be really useful to have an option (global settings) to choose the behavior when we tap on “Loop Studio” in the startup screen.

Could be something like this:
Loop Studio opens with:

  • New 2x2 song (with the last used sync settings)
  • New 6x6 song (idem)
  • Last song opened (Continue previous session)

This will help to start looping on the fly, without loading times.


Would also be nice to startup inside the loop studio (perhaps using the above options).

Most loopers start up with the last song open. One long wait is better than two long waits with a screen press required in between.


In case it’s the screen press that bothers you: you can push a button and you are taken into the studio mode.

That’d be even nicer, there’s no need for me at least to start on the current startup screen.

It’s the double wait that’s annoying.

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I personally support this myself and I came to post something similar. While I can live with the current behavior, I personally like to use the “clean slate” methodology when I begin to play; I like my looper in an empty state. With the Aeros, I have to start a new song to make sure that I don’t overwrite something that I’ve already started. I don’t particularly mind doing this, but it is an extra step between me and creativity. If I want to revisit a song, I can manually open it.

I’d even welcome the option of saving an empty song and setting is as the default template (similar to what you can do in some DAWs) using a special filename (like aeros.default, or even just .default like a UNIX filename) or something if that would be easier to implement.

Sounds like you want it to startup in a new song with the most recent or default settings for a song. Or perhaps it starts on the new song screen.

Others want it to start with the last song created.

Both are good options to have.

I think the best option would be having the ability to choose from all these alternatives.
In my case, I’d start with a new 6x6 song right away.


This is what I created an account to suggest. 100%! I would set to startup into new 6x6 every time.