Loop synchronization when restarting

  1. Record a 16 bar loop
  2. Record a matching 16 bar loop, but starting on bar 8 of the first loop, so they are offset by 8 bars.
  3. Go to another section.
  4. Return to the first section. The start points of all loops have now been aligned, rather than preserving the original offsets.

I understand aligning the loops on restart, as they can all be different lengths, but the looper would be much more useful to me if the start points were preserved relative to the first loop.

I can work around this by having critical matching parts always start on the first measure of the reference track, or by overdubbing the first track, but would prefer the freedom of being able to start whenever.

It kind of makes a lot of the features somewhat limited, a loop starts in a place for a reason, generally. If I’m doing soundscapes, I’m having a soundscape come in at a certain time, I don’t want that to change when I restart it, as it won’t sound right. Please fix this, SS.