Looper auto record when beat buddy starts

hi, I’ve just watched a video of a guy demoing the beat buddy paired with the infinity (

He has it set up so the infinity begins to auto record to loop 1 after the intro when the main beat begins. Just wondering if anybody knows how to set this up, I wasn’t even aware this was possible.

I would guess (and it is a guess) that he’s arming the Pig to record and has the BB configured to send out a start command at the start of the main loop rather than the intro (which you can do via settings).

Still can’t get them to do it haha

Sussed it, it’s a global setting in the infinity software, just needed turning on, it’s always something simple

Glad you got it sorted out. Would you mind sharing with us which global setting was that you changed for the Infinity? Thanks.

Sure, you need the software for your computer with the infinity plugged in of course. Then go into the global settings tab and just check the auto record box, easy as that haha

Thanks. You must have a different version of the Infinity app; I couldn’t find an Auto Record box. Maybe it was Arm: All?

The midi start record box, sorry worded it wrong

Thanks for clarifying with the screen shot. :stuck_out_tongue: