Looper Eye

Interesting looper on Kickstarter … again … this Friday.

Interesting features (versus the Aeros):

  • Uses an iOS/Android App as a Display and Touch Surface. Presumably the Aeros will get one of these as well, but given that there is no display on the loopereye, you can bet the app will be rock solid and full featured (because it has to). We assume the Aeros will get an app, but it’s a low priority (rightly so). Very nice to have the option of the display being off the floor away from the switches.
  • Buttons are configurable by the user
  • Midi over Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB (can Aeros add Midi BT for reasons…? :slight_smile: )
  • External wifi antenna (outside the metal box). Devices in metal boxes on the floor benefit from this. This would be hard for Aeros to add to the current gen hardware. Would help with software updates, but not that game changing for Aeros (until you use it to share your audio and other festures)
  • They say the device operates as a stereo audio interface. Not 100% sure if this is accurate (or if there would be limitations). Would be really nice feature and it cuts out one more ADC from your setup. The following feature would benefit from this.
  • Share your sessions (including audio) with others… presumably without shuffling SD cards. This might or might not be hard for Aeros to add to the current gen hardware.
  • Reverse effect (Aeros will likely add this but not useful for me).
  • Embedded synth (not for me, but can see the ambient guys loving this)

For me it’s now less about features and more about the quality and ff flexibility of the implementation.

I love the Aeros and it has many advatages over this device. I do like competition from other loopers that drive the Aeros to innovate. Keep it up Boss, LooperEye, TC Ditto, Headrush, … and Singular Sound!

FYI, LooperEye used to promote a variant without buttons that used a video camera to detect virtual foot press gestures. Seemed interesting in terms of flexibility, but getting something like that from demo to rock solid capability is not easy. Not sure if they can detect these gestures fast enough (Aeros users complain about the time difference between button down and up). Not sure if they are still focusing on this approach.


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