Looper Questions???

My knowledge about loopers is limited, so I hope someone can answer my questions…
Can you record bass tracks that will change/trigger when the Beatbuddy changes to a different pattern (simple verse / chorus songs)? I’m not interested in building layers to play over, just prerecorded bass riffs that I can trigger with the Beatbuddy…If so, can songs be programmed with Onsong, which I am currently using?
If someone is doing something like this, I would love to see a video of the details; or, point me to some videos that can get my learning process in the right direction.

The closest I have come to this in Onsong is you can send midi commands at set points within the song as Onsong scrolls through the song. That being said it is hard to sync it up perfectly with BB. I reported this challenge to Onsong about 8 months ago this sync challenge and how cool it would be if they could put accurate time controls for the midi commands to trigger at specific times. This way for example if you had a chorus at 2:02 it would send a message out to BB at that exact moment to fill or anything else you would want. That being said with this method the song has to be pretty scripted not leaving room for improv. I have not looked to see if they have added or improved this timeline feature in Onsong. You may want to ask them.

Thanks! Having scripted songs would not work for me. Taking away the ability to improvise completely goes against why I originally bought the Beatbuddy. I guess that puts me back into learning how to program bass onto the Beatbuddy via MIDI :frowning:.