Loopers compatible with the BeatBuddy

Awesome—thanks so much for the reply. I was hoping that’s what you’d say as it seems a lot easier.

Thanks again!



I have the Jam x2 looper, and, sometimes, I use it to play jazz.

The problem with this pedal and Jazz beats are that Jazz beats are not very regular… as rock or pop ones. So… sometimes de ditto x2 looper is not be able to sync…

One (tedius) solution is to pane the audio sounds of the beatbuddy. for example, all the beats paned to right and a metromome ryhtm paned to left… Connect the left channel to the ditto micro sync and the right channel to the ampli… (but it is not a comfortable solution).

This is my reflexion final… Beatbuddy is a good concept… but has not has a good application. In order to use it you need:

  • the beat buddy: +300 euros
  • Infinity looper: +500 euros
  • A good power tank (both pedals need lot of energy): +150 euros
  • Pedalboard: +50 euros

1000 euros for a looper with a drum machine…

Honestly… there are cheapers alternatives in the market (loopers and drum integred for less than 100€ or janman series with sdrum pedal)…

I think that the singular sound team must think seriusly about to provide a cheaper looper+beatbuddy solution.

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I was just about to sell my Boomerang 3 to buy the Infinity Looper for the ability to save loops. I even went so far as to ask Pigtronix if they sell a version with an 32 gig SD card and they answered that they could sell me a formatterd 32 gig card. Nice I thought. Than I realized that I would be bending over to the looper to change presets after every song. This is unacceptable in a live setting. You would think they would have make changing loop presets with the extra foot switch control an option much like the Beatbuddy. I don’t need reverse loops. LOL. does anyone have a work around for this. I know this is a Beatbuddy forum but this is a looper thread.

You don’t have to buy a 32Gb SD card from Pigtronix. You can buy and format your own. Let me know if you need additional instructions on how to do so.

I think you can up/down presets using MIDI commands 85 and 86: Infinity Looper - Pigtronix

Thanks Persist . As usual you come to the rescue. If I buy the Infinity I will take you up on the instructions. What kind of midi controller would I need to send Midi commands 85 and 86?

I think any MIDI controller that can send CC. There are several decent ones out there. I presently use a SoftStep II and a G Labs GSC-4. I think you have to figure out how much you are willing to pay and what footprint the MIDI control board takes up on the floor. Are you going to be controlling other MIDI capable pedals as well? Some users report being happy with their Behringer FCB 1010. Here’s forum and other links to this topic:
BB specific external midi controller? and
Please Help! MIDI Setup with Boomerang III and MIDI Controller and

I think that it’s also highly dependent on what you might already own. For example, some users use OnSong or SetListMaker from their iPad. Keep in mind that you have the option of using a software looper so that you’re not tied exclusively to a a h/w solution. If you’re patient, you can wait to see how the BeatBudddy user community reacts to the MIDI Maestro when it’s released :sleeping:

I’m on an IPad right now. But I don’t know if I want to go down that rabbit hole to use Quantiloop or something similar. I’m like “where the hell do I plug my guitar into! LOL I guess you need some king of Irig but I can’t seem to find which one. So it’s back to the hardware solution. Maybe I’ll just keep my Rang since it’s on my pedal board already and hope that Singular will release a Looper in the future. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. This Midi Maestro and the BB manager is taking years.

Hi All, I have an iPad and considering Quantiloop route.

Are there any IPad audio devices that can be run before the guitar amp (rather than into a PA).


I’ve spent an hour yesterday trying to loop a guitar rhythm on my PlayAcoustic pedal and everytime the loop is slower than the actual beat from the BeatBuddy. So I’m guessing it will not work with BeatBuddy. That is sad if true.

Sorry for being late on this. You’re absolutely right, that most don’t want to loop the drums. The problem is cumulative error. That is, one of your pedals may be off by a small fraction of a second. Every loop, this fraction grows and accumulates. Your beatbuddy and looper end up being out of sync.

I have a cheap Nux Loop Core that I really, really like. Problem is, it doesn’t play well with the beat buddy. I’m in the process of saving up to replace it :frowning:

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Yeah, you would have to upgrade to the VoiceLive3 that has MIDI synch. A couple of settings on the VL3 and on the BB and you’re good to go.

I have the PlayAcoustic which I use on a couple of gigs a week, but I’m woodshedding on using the VL3 with my BB.

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Thank you! This would give me more options in y songlist for sure

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HI everyone - There’s a lot of conflicting info kicking around, and these loopers are expensive to try out. For example, people say the ditto x4 works, but the original post says it doesn’t. I wish Singular would post a compatibility list!! Thoughts?

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When I originally made that post, it was based on the feedback from other users and since then, many firmware updates have been made for the BB and the hardware on the list. Either that or users have “broken the code” and figured out how to make everything work and graciously shared their experience in this thread. While I agree that it would be nice for Singular Sound to provide a general compatibility list, it would have to be regularly maintained. Instead of that list, they’ve provided this forum so that users could interactively share their experiences.

I’m considering picking up the Ditto Jam X2 looper. It has “Beat Sense” technology. I’ve read that BB users have had success with synching, at least simple beats. You can run a 1/8 " cable from the headphone out of the BB into the ext input of the ditto for good results. Curious if anyone on the forum has tried this?

There are several posts above (#s 30 and 51 from @ruairiau @vud1 vud1 or @Guitar_Stu .) and they seem to have a positive experience with the X2. According to vud1, it may not do so well with jazz. If you don’t play jazz, you will probably like it.

Try sending any one of those users a PM and ask them specific questions.

Thanks Persist. Sorry, I didn’t see that Jam X2 was discussed previously - it didn’t come when I did a search of the forum. Glad to read that it seems to be working well for BB users. I think I’ve been convinced enough to get one and give it a try.

Let us know what you think.

I still use the Ditto Jam X2, it’s a great looper pedal in combination with the BeatBuddy. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more complicated setups, but that means it’s simple to use and less likely to cause a disaster in a live gig. Make sure to update the firmware!

In my setup, I also use a Mooer Tender Ocataver, which is one of the best octavers on the market and probably the cheapest too (see https://www.guitarfella.com/mooer-tender-review/).

When I jam, I’ll choose a beat, loop a chord progression, then use the octaver to layer a bass line and build up a cool loop. The process is really intuitive and when something is fluid and easy, it sounds better and more musical.


And probably the ditto x2jam is the cheapest hardware synchrable with BB.