Looping Different Measure Lengths

I’m very interested in the Aero. I have a question about recording measures. In 6X6 mode, is it possible to start the 1st track with 1 measure, record the 2nd track in half a measure or even 1/4 of a measure and record the 3rd track 4 measures, 8 measures long? Basically, are you beholden to the 1st track being the master and all the others must follow that measures length or can you mix it up? I currently use the software Audiomulch as my looper and you can do this with that software. Thanks!

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You can have it so that the length of each track is a multiple or whole fraction of the base layer (the first track you record in a part). I don’ t think it does it by beats though, so “Half measures” and “1/4 measures” aren’t supported, but you can solve that by simply decreasing the time signature down to 1/4 or 2/4 as needed.

You can also use different time signatures indirectly that way between parts. I’m doing a song that has parts in 4/4 and 6/4, so I just set the time signature in the unit for 2/4.


Awesome. Thank you for your reply. I think this feature just sold me! Now I’ll just hope that it’ll reverse, speed up and slow down loops with a future update, then I think it’ll be as perfect as I can imagine! Cheers!


Hey there, just to add to this:

The Aeros is only limited to smallest loop size of a whole measure when in quantized mode, but as stated above you can change to smaller time signatures to toy with more complex song ideas.

In essence, you can de-synchronize everything and you can have loops of all sizes in the same part. Non-active parts do not affect the sync rules of other parts unless there is a lock track in the song, so you can have one song part that is set to have all tracks synced to a 16 bar loop, and in the next song part everything is synced to a track that is 9 bars long.

Here are the sync rules:

Definition: “Base Track”: The current longest loop in the song part when in Quantized mode. In Freeform mode (non-quantized), the base track is the shortest loop in a song part.

Sync Length: After 1st track is recorded, all tracks will be forced to be proportional to the length of the base track. In quantized mode, all tracks will be forced to be any whole number multiple (x2, x3, x4, etc.) or whole number unit fraction (½, ⅓, ¼, ⅕, etc) of the base track. For example, if the base track is 12 measures long, other tracks will be forced to be either 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, etc. measures long depending on when the end recording/start playback command is given. In freeform, all tracks will be whole number multiples of the base track (no fractions allowed). A new track recording can be started at the beginning of the next measure in quantized mode, or immediately in freeform, so this feature only affects when recording stops and playback begins.

Sync Start & Length: In addition to the Sync Length rules above, after 1st track is recorded in a song part, all new recordings will begin at the next start of the longest track loop in the song part.