Looping issues with BeatBuddy / Infinity Looper

Hey all,

I just bought an Infinity looper and it seems to sync well with the BeatBuddy as expected, HOWEVER…

  • I press the loop 1 switch and play a riff
  • I press the loop 1 switch to complete the loop
  • there is a long pause where nothing plays back
  • the loop starts playing back
  • every loop from this point on has a pause with no sound for ~5 seconds before the loop starts playing again

Is there something I’m missing here? It seems to be the most basic possible use case. Do I have to play my loop for a certain number of bars or something? Could the midi connection be wrong?

Thanks all in advance!

A couple of things to check:

When the infinity looper is slave to BB the loop will start being recorded at the begining or the next measure after the switch or the infinity looper has been pressed. Then, recording will stop and play back will begin at the end of the next measure after the infinity looper switch has been pressed. Once this is understood, you will make loops very easily because you don’t have to press the infinity looper switch right on time since thé action will only be executed at the end of the next measure.