Loopy Pro

If you do any sort of live performance or home jamming and can get your hands on an iPad, you gotta check out the new Loopy Pro app. Need looping? Need to arrange your songs into a sequence (intro, verse, chorus, etc)? Arrange your songs in setlists? Mix via MIDI controller? Add effects? This app will do it all. It can work with your Beat Buddy, or it can replace it. This is a game-changer app. My mind is blown.

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Yeah, I’m using Loopy Pro. Once MIDI things are fully implemented this looper app will be excellent.
The roadmap and ideas are great. Users can upvote feature requests and add own ideas: https://roadmap.loopypro.com/
Loopy Pro Discord: Join Discord – Loopy Pro

Anyone is using Aeros looper already in collaboration with Loopy Pro?

I was using a Boomerang III hardware looper, but Loopy Pro has been working so well for me in rehearsals I’ve decided to use it instead of the Boomerang. Its that good, and the MIDI control functionality is excellent for mixing loops.

Hey there! So Ive been checking out a LOT of vids on loopy pro. We gig out 2-3 times a week, and are locked in to beats etc with BB. BUT my board is a beast and heavy. SO…Im looking to make my footprint smaller, er go looking into loopy pro…I really want to if BB DOES work effortlessly with loopy pro.
Anything you can tell me, ease, set up?
Thanks !

Hi! I am trying to make Loopy Pro record the loop when BB starts, but it seems like BB does not send any midi signals when I Start playing. I assume the only way is to use BB with Loopy as a slave?
But how do you do it?

In settings, Enable Midi Sync. Be sure your BB is transmitting on the channel that Loopy is receiving. Assuming the BB is the master, , you want MIDI out on, in the MIDI out settings, Sync, should be set to whatever suits your situation, probably While Playing, but maybe Always on; it depends on you. Start should be on Intro, if you want the whole performance recorded. MIDI stop needs to be set to your preference. Read the manual. Notes should be enable. Next Part should likely be disabled. Time signature enabled.

If you are trying to record BB audio, you’ll need to have audio out from BB going into you device containing Loopy Pro for it to record audio.

Thanks Phil_Flood for the reply!

In MIDI-OUT when BB goes to Next Part it sends CC-102, while Start and Stop don’t send anything.
Unfortunately the manual doesn’t go into more details on this.
Is this what you have too?

Firm: 4.0.1

From the screen you show above, if you scroll to Start with the arrow keys on the BB, and press the TAP button on the BB, you’ll get a screen that shows Intro, Main Beat, Disable, Unpause, and BACK. Go to Main Beat and press, TAP, then go to Back and press tap. Then, go to Stop, press TAP. I have mine set to Pause and End. Go Pause and end, perss TAP, and then go to Back, press TAP. Go to Notes. Press TAP. Go to Enable. Press TAP. Go to BACK, press TAP. Go to Next Part (CC-102), Press TAP. Go to Disable. Press Tap. Go to BACK, press Tap. Select Back on the subsequent screens, and the EXIT Settings, to get to the BB Main Screen.

Your BB should now be sending MIDI.

Kindly thank you for a thorough directions, the loopy pro now receives a bunch notes. But what kind of note/message BB sends out when it starts/stops?
It says:

BeatBuddy sends out
the MIDI Start command
when the main beat
starts playing after the
intro has finished. This is
a great way to start right
on time.

Is MIDI Start command is the type of message itself?

Alright, I see it now,

It’s a 0xFA message. Sorry at the time of my initial question I had little knowledge of midi. Now I will try to figure out how to make Loopy Pro start recording of the loop when it receives a Start command.
Thank you for your time!

Good luck. You are the right path.

Hi Phil will this work, re sync BB to boss rc 505…the 505 does say it should be the master tho… Any help appreciated Phil…

What’s your end goal? What are you trying to accomplish? If I had more details, I might be able to offer some advice. The 505 is a desktop unit that’s designed to be the heart and and extension of your brain in your music production system. Getting a 2nd looper in there with Loopy Pro is going to really complicate the process. The 505 can handle sending midi out to external gear. If it is like other Boss loopers, it really only wants to see midi in coming from another Boss looper.

How much is it?