Loose knobs,tempo and drum set

Hi im new here, I recently bought a used Beat Buddy, but i notice the drum set and tempo knobs are loose,is there a way for me to fix this? Support told me it was faulty Beat Buddy,but every thing works fine,just a bunch of loose knobs,sure would love your input on this issue on loose knobs,thanks…

Some knobs are held on to the digital encoder shafts using either a set screw or allen head screw.

Look for a hole on the side of the knob and use a screw driver or allen key to snug it up—do not over tighten them as you risk stripping the threads. It’s possible but unlikely that the set screw has fallen out.

If there isn’t a hole on the side of any knob or the screw is missing, you can try gently removing the knob by prying up on it. Since it’s already out of warranty, you can use a small drop of Loc-tite or Super Glue to hold the knob on to the shaft. You don’t want the glue dripping or running down the shaft and onto the nut holding the digital encoder on to the frame of the pedal.

Let us know what you end up doing to fix the issue.

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As persist noted the DrumSet and Tempo knobs are digital encoders which are different from the Volume which is a potentiometer (variable resistance). The encoder knobs on my BB do ‘wobble’ a small bit as there is some play in the shaft that goes into the body of the encoder. This might give the impression that the knobs are loose. Could this be the case for yours? Nothing wrong if it’s just a bit of wobble/play of the encoder shaft.

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Yes,so i guess its normal…everything works fine …

Thank you…