Loose Lucy - The Grateful Dead

Uses STAX 4 Octave piano & Strings

Includes: .sng, merged midi file, pdf cheat

Loose Lucy.zip (56.4 KB)

A little over halfway there now? Keep up the good work, I for one, greatly appreciate the hard work and effort into this Garcia-Hunter project…GHSB4BB?

I wouldn’t release a songbook as a product owing to the copyright issues. I couldn’t include cheats. The LBDM seemed okay, as I have minor alterations to the midi patterns and the sounds themselves can’t really be protected by copyrights, anymore than Fender, Gibson or Martin could have a claim to the tones coming out of their guitars. Now BR8804BB, that might happen.

But yeah, halfway, feels pretty good. I got past the bummer stage of Robert Hunter’s passing. I’m sitting here with Loser going through my head, knowing it’s next, and remembering the guys from San Angelo who introduced me to that song.

Yes we most definitely lost one of the greatest story tellers the music world has known. The GHSB4BB was mostly in jest. I am, however, curious about the BR8804BB…is it to be the Boss DR-880; similar how the LBDM was the sr-16?

You got it. I had someone give me the midi patterns, and I just got some of the drum samples, but I’ll still have to record my own to be happy with it. But, yes, the general idea is the BR880 drum patterns reworked into BB songs.