Loose Screw in body of BeatBuddy body

Third day of owning this excellent device.

Just got back from Ukulele group practice where it had it first outing. Removing the unit from my rucksack I noticed there was a profound rattle, that wasn’t there when I packed the unit.

I opened the unit up and found a loose screw .

The headphone volume disk seems as secure as it should be (after reading other posts)

But there is a hole where I’d expect a chassis mounting screw to be on the right about a third of the way down.

I tried replacing it but it just dropped in and just spun.

Edit: I’ve now looked at it in detail and it seems there is a problem with one of the holes. Looks very much like a brass insert was missed or the blind hole was messed up in production.

The screw is loose and turns freely when placed in the hole

Have added pictures.

Loose screw and a suspicious hole.

The two good holes have a well defined brass thread

This is the trouble hole. Looks very different. No brass insert. Screw just sits in hole and can be freely turned without resistance or tightening. Amazed it didn’t fall out sooner !!!

@BrennanSingularSound! Put on your cape! We need you!

Thanks for the pix—that helps. Given that you probably won’t hear from Singular Sound until next week, you have some options:

  1. If you are in the U.S. or bought it directly from Singular Sound, you should be able to exchange the pedal with few problems. If so, contact Support, support@singularsound.com
  2. If you are not in the U.S., you might be able to exchange it from the store you bought it from. If you are in GB or the EU, VAT may or not apply.
  3. You could ignore the problem if there is no other rattling or loose screws (this would be my choice).
  4. Take the opened pedal into a hardware store along with the screw that fell out and see if they can fit a metric screw that’s just a little longer into the recess and that will grab the threads to you can snug the screw down.
  5. If you have a tap and die set and are comfortable doing your own work, you could try to re-thread the hole. This would be my absolutely last choice as you would have to very carefully re-thread the entire depth of the existing hole and threads. There’s a risk of damage.
  6. Using Loctite with the existing problem will most likely not work as there would be no threads for the screw to grab hold of.

Let us know what you opt to do or how you fixed it (or not). As I am not employed by Singular Sound the above options are merely my thoughts on how I would go about trying to fix the problem. Your best choices are 1., 2. and 3.

  1. and 5. imply that you would assume all risk if something goes sideways :smiling_imp:
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I have had the same “issue” for a long time. It started about 2 months after purchasing the BB. The pedal has always worked fine, so I left well enough alone. I didn’t even open it to remove the loose screw. I went with persist’s option #3. :slight_smile:

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you should at least remove the screw. it could cause a short at some point and do something real nasty (like put 9v where there shouldn’t be 9v!)

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Please reach out to support@singularsound.com for these types of issues, they are best equipped to assist you!

Thank you for your patience

Was cruising the forum this morning Ohnhai, and saw your post. When I got my BB last April I had a similar problem with a different screw (See attached photo).

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 7.01.58 AM

A set screw was loos in my BB upon arrival. I had purchased it from Sweetwater so I sent it back to them for a replacement.