Loose volume knob

So I used a pair of tweezers to tighten the knobs and it worked. The only problem is that on the quarter jack outputs, my Left(Mono) no longer works, but my Right works fine. Doesn’t to be an issue as I tested almost half my beats out to make sure the non Mono jack would play them and it did. Thanks for the support. Hope someone else with this problem can read all these comments and find a solution to theirs as well.

My Volume Knob is also very loose, and I can’t pull the Knob off in order to get at (I’m hoping) a small Nut or something . I opened the back to look inside, but there is no way to get at anything in there because the 2 Boards kinda meet right about there.

Hey there,

If you purchased the device from us and you are still under warranty you should reach out to support@singularsound.com at your earliest convenience, if not please reach out to the dealer you bought it from.

Thanks for the question

How’s it going Brennan?
I bought the BeatBuddy USED from GC!

Hey there, all good thanks, hope the same for you

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do in that case, but we hope you either find a solution or can source a replacement if it is not a livable issue

Thanks for reaching out

Try wrapping a shoestring around it to assist in pulling up on it.

Hey Tommy, I just pulled the volume knob on mine. It is on very, very snug and I had to use a screwdriver on the lower edge of the knob and the case with a twisting motion to get it started. LeeMo’s suggestion is good to try as well (not sure this would have worked on mine as it was on so tight). Thin needle nosed pliers or similar tool can be used to snug up the nut.

SS’s response makes me wonder what an owner of a more expensive device such as the Aeros could do for an out of warranty issue or failure. I suspect they don’t have a repair tech(?) and any service documentation if any is likely proprietary, so a third party repair probably wouldn’t be feasible.

So glad this topic came up again. My volume knob is having the same problem (2 mo. past warranty). We gig a bit in the summer and I thought I was going to have to order another one. It’s interesting that the identifying the problem and the solution came from this forum not SS. SMH

Much thanks to MarkF48 for the picture. It made the problem and solution crystal clear.

Since this may need to be done more than once I was wondering if anyone on the forum or maybe brenan has a line on a thin walled nut driver that would do the job?

you might try putting Locktight on the threads before tightening them. once it sets up it shouldn’t back off. be fore warned: DO NOT GET IT ON THE SHAFT.

Loctite… Blue 242 ‘removable’. Not the Red 271 ‘permanent’ which may need heat to loosen. And just a small drop on the threads.

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