Loose volume knob

Hi guys,

I just noticed today that my main volume knob is loose. Not the knob itself, but the whole potentiometer. I haven’t tried to disassemble, thought it better to ask for suggestions here first. Thx!

You could try to tighten it up yourself by removing the knob, holding the shaft of the pot and using a wrench to tighten the nut. Other than that, you might be better off contacting support@singularsound.com

Had the same issue- a wrench wont fit into the pod.I wrote BB support but they never responded. I used a pair of tweezers and it did the trick. I occasionally have to use tweezers to retighten.

I didn’t remove the knob because it’s pretty sloppy-loose and I didn’t see a nut to tighten underneath (must be a very small nut). I’ll investigate. Thanks guys!

Strangely enough the Tempo knob on mine is loose and the volume knob is just fine. Still works fine so I’ll leave it alone for now.

That did the trick. With the nut being counter-sunk like it is there’s no way to get any decent wrench on there. Like you said, will need periodic tightening. Thanks guys.

You might want to go ahead and tighten it; I’ve had solder joints break loose from loose components like this before. Would create a much bigger problem. Just a thought.

Do you have a deep well socket? It looks to be 10 MM. Maybe 11MM.

Needle nose pliers did it.

My volume knob is very loose as well and the unit has had pretty much no use until recently.
I do not think any thin wall socket would work as there is no room but I may try the tweezers trick and drop some clear nail polish on the nut so it will lock the nut on the threads once I tighten it.

Found a pair of flat ended tweezers and ground them down to be thinner. Now I have the perfect Beatbuddy wrench!! I was able to put some serious torque on tightening the nut. That plus a drop of clear fast setting nail gel (thanks wife) and I think I have it licked.
Beatbuddy should but some type of thread lock on the nuts when installed to prevent this because it makes this pedal not truly road worthy.
Also the back plate should have a gasket to keep dirt out. See ya!

How do you remove the knobs off top of pedal? is it a pull off style knob? I don’t want to damage it.

Pull straight up. Before removing the volume knob, turn it all the way counterclockwise to stop and when you put the knob back on, set the indicator line at 0700.

If you’re having problems with scratchiness noise, you can try using a little DeOxit spray on the knob shaft.

Does same go for Drum Set and Tempo knob? Do they pull straight up as well? My volume knob is fine, it’s the other two knobs causing the issues.

All 3 are the same.

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Above is a link to a 11 second video of the knobs taken off of BeatBuddy. Notice how loose it is.

Both seem to move together which makes me think they are on a common circuit board, but the nuts that hold each in place and the circuit board they are soldered to have loosened. Whether the looseness contributes to the noise is hard to tell.

There is a nut on the threaded portion outside the shaft that turns of each control (digital encoders). Using a pair of needle nose pliers you might be able tighten each of the nuts (don’t overdo it). A proper sized nut driver that can fit over the control shaft would be better, but not likely you might have one.

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I’ll give it a try. I’m freakin a lil cause its part of my show. I believe the warranty is still in tact so I may get in touch with SS tomorrow if this doesnt work. Thanks

Upfront disclaimer: I am not a Singular Sound employee and if you choose to try the procedures below, you do so at your own risk. You might be better off contacting Support to ask for help.

On some of the early BB pedals, all 3 of the top knobs (Volume, Drum Set and Tempo) are held on by Allen set screws which means that if there is a small hole near the bottom of the knob, it’s held on with a set screw and you will need a 1.5mm Allen key to loosen it. The newer pedal knobs seem to be held on by friction (no set screw) and they can be removed by pulling the knob straight up). FYI, the Drum Set and Tempo knobs are called digital encoders. If your pedal makes scratchy or other noises when playing the pedal through an amplifier, you can try cleaning the volume pot or digital encoders when the knobs are removed with a gentle burst of compressed air or a little bit of DeOxit (or both).

If both the Drum Set and Tempo knobs are loose, fix the problem one digital encoder at a time. Loosen the set screw using a 1.5mm Allen key enough to remove the knob from the shaft—do not remove the set screw because you risk losing it as it’s so small; gently snug the nut down using either tweezers or a thin-wall deep well metric socket wrench (sorry, have no idea what size) while holding the other knob while snugging that loose nut. As has been mentioned, do not over tighten the nut. Great suggestion by users to put a drop of nail polish at the base of the nut and the washer (not the shaft). This should keep the nut from vibrating loose again. Replace the knob on the one you just repaired and then remove the knob from the shaft of the other digital encoder. Same thing applies—while snugging it down, hold the knob on the other digital encoder.

Nota bene. If you are a guitarist and have a CruzTools guitar tool kit, it may include the 1.5mm Allen key (the metric keys are gold colored). Great kit and company, BTW.