Loosing songs from setlist without using comma

When I have to update my ongoing project, I start BBman by dubble click on the projectfile on the sdcard.
Put more songs in the folder I use and save. Put the SDc ard in the BB and it works with the new songs. OK untill now.
Next day, I want to expand my setlist again and do the same routine. But as soon BBman has started and parsed the project, a few songs are of the list. Even when I look in the config.csv they are gone! Just by loading into BBman. What I´m doing wrong? I´m shure it was on the SD card and it worked in the BB.
Every day I have to start over with about 10 songs and thenm I do maybe 20 new ones but next day I have to do 20 to get 10 more on my list.
I can´t find out what I´m doing wrong. Now I don´t use comma´s in the songtitles anymore.

Well for starters it is not recommended to open the project directly from the SD card with copying the project to you computer, as it states when you try to do so, you must have ignored the advice.
Open project from pedal save the project to your computer, link the project, make the changes, synchronise. If you have 20 songs in a folder export them so you have a backup in case there is another issue going on - that will be easier to restore.

With all kinds of respect Psalm40, I´m trying to act like a ´user´ of the program and I find out some things in the software are not consistent. Wherever I start the program, either on the computer or the pedal or the sd card, the program have to act the same way. Once I have setup the workspace it´s impossible to loose items from a file which where there a day before. Actualy the config file is modified by the program just by starting the program with the bbp file. I made a copie before i started the program and could see the difference.
Be shure I make my back-up :wink: but even this backup is handeled the same way.
I understand your advice but i think it should be good to give our experiances.

The problem is with the SD card reliability. Working with the SD card directly is just increasing the risks of data corruption comparing to working with a backup copy and only overwriting the content once (either by synchronizing or exporting the project to pedal).

Yes, I agree, the BBManager could have been handling working with the SD card directly a bit more gently - with an added layer of files back up - to provide a smoother user experience. Might even be a good feature for one of the next releases.

When you open the project from the SD card, BBManager should ask you whether you want to create a local copy of the project somewhere on your computer. Just press Yes :slight_smile:

Peter100 …

I had the same problem last weekend. I think the problem appears when you are using a period in the song name.
What happened in my case:
[]I added three Songs to my folder. One of the songs was called “Mr. Big”.
So far no problem in the BeatBuddy Manager (no error message, and the song was there).
]I synchronized to the pedal and everything was fine. The songs were there and could be played.
[]Next day I wanted to add another song and found out, that a lot of songs were missing in the BeatBuddy Manager. So I recreated them from a backup, but the same thing happened again.
]I realized that the missing songs where “Mr. Big” and all songs after that one.
[]When I imported the song “Mr. Big” into BeatBuddy Manager, the created song had some cryptic name consisting of letters and digits (and not the given name like it happens with the other songs).
]When I recreated the songs calling this special one “Mister Big” everything worked fine.
Seems that periods in song names don’t work.

Periods (like commas) are used as the separator to delimit the song number from the actual name. The algorithm to split the string and find the song name is really buggy, yet this is a firmware code which I am not fixing at this time :confused: