Losing function of Right Footswitch

I can be all set up with a gig and somewhere in the middle of things I lose the right footswitch so I can not scroll to the next song on my setlist and I can not stop the song in the middle and restart to the beat. When I go to footswitch detector the left reads fine, but it shows no right switch detected. What do I do with this.

Try a different TRS patch cable and if that doesn’t fix things, check the solder joints and continuity between the lugs of the jack and the lugs of the right switch inside the remote foot switch.

Great. Do you guys sell them or do I need to find a supplier?

Most any online or brick & mortar music retailer will have a selection of TRS cables.
Or Amazon is also a good option…
Amazon TRS cables
I don’t know what Singular Sound provides for a cable, but having a right angle connector on the end that goes to the BB keeps things a bit more compact.
You might try wiping down the 1/4" plugs with some contact cleaner or alcohol. Finger oils and salts can sometimes cause intermittent connections.

I built my own which you have the skills or want learn soldering is another way to go. I made one about 4 ft in length so the BB is up on a stand within easy reach and foot switch on the floor.

Now I am not so sure, I went into the patch cable and checked all connections and looked for loose wires and the like. So in frustration, I popped the right footswitch several times and it came back into function Now I am leaning towards a problem with the footswitch on the right side. Will dig into it and see. May be dirt.

Yep, it is definately the switch on the right side. Sometimes it fails to latch which was verified by a voltage meter. So now the question is how do I find a switch to put in the box.

You got me on the right track. It is definately the switch on the right side, which is the problem. I put a meter on and sometimes it just does not switch, So how do I go about getting a new switch for the footswitch unit?

If it’s a Singular Sound unit and if it’s still under warranty, you could ask them for help, support@singularsound.com.

If you’re handy with a soldering iron, you could buy 2 new Carling switches and replace them yourself. There are a couple of pots on the subject Latching Versus Momentary Type Foot Switch

@Jim_Anderson Have you by chance switched the cables? The “No right switch detected” error message happens if a mono cable is used. Make sure you are using a TRS cable (two circles on the metallic portion of the cable) and not a mono cable (which only has one circle).

I have tested the TRS Cable and no problems there. But when I put a voltage meter on the right switch, I discovered the problem. It is not clicking and latching. I can hear the difference in the two switches. Warranty would be nice but this unit is at least 5 years old so that is probably out the window. I did find a cheaper switch with two pots on Ebay so will hook that up and test my assumption.

That would be the next best thing to do, as the warranty is indeed up by now (it is two years).