Lost about how to use BBS files

I have searched for something that explains how to load\import\store(place) ?? files that I have found with and extention of BBS.
Can’t quite get a grip on this thing.

Not a lot of detail to go on with your post (such as how are you coming across these .bbs files) so I guess the standard boilerplate applies: BeatBuddy (BB) files are managed by the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) application which are in a proprietary format. The only files that you should be concerned with are .sng (song files) .drm (drum set files) and .pbf (folders containing BB songs).

There are probably a couple of ways you’re coming across files with .bbs extensions:

  1. you’re downloading song files from the forum using your iPhone or (cell phone) or
  2. you’re wondering around in the content folders of the bbworkspace folder and sub-folders.

For whatever reason, downloading song files from your iPhone to your Dropbox or iCloud account may be treating files with an .sng extension as zip files and expanding them. The way around this is to not use your cell phone to download content from the forum.

Actually, these were some of your files. You had this large (thank you thank you) set of songs. Were in PBF folders and within those were theses BBS files with alphanumeric names and the BBS extention, along with a CSV file that indexed them.

So, getting back to your original question then, YOU should NOT open the .pbf. Use Beat Buddy Manager to File>Import>Folder and select the .pbf. The folder will load in your songs list in Beat Buddy Manager. If you wind up with songs you don’t want, delete the individual songs using Beat Buddy Manager.

That makes so much sense. Thank you. Seems i might of seen that process earlier but guess I forgot that those are Proj Folders.
Thanks for getting back to me on this.